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Like you,  we’re passionate about the environment. A deep commitment to environmental stewardship is at the core of everything we do every day. Each year, we celebrate Earth Day in April by showcasing how simple, earth-friendly actions can unleash a positive wave of change across the Pacific Northwest and throughout the year. That’s the idea behind the Easy Being Green blog, celebrating our local natural resources.

Easy Being Green will provide tips on wasting less, enjoying the outdoors and supporting local food for readers who are visiting our blog because they share our desire to protect our environment for future generations.

This Easy Being Green blog is a place to find heaps of green lifestyle tips, as well as fun, useful information about how you can support and celebrate King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks’ mission to safeguard the environment and protect King County’s quality of life.

Look here for fun news, facts and stories about King County’s natural resources and the environmental stewardship steps we’re taking. That’s another reason why we have nearly two dozen social media pages to connect residents with information about our environmental services and resources.

Most posts will be put together by members of the Public Affairs team at DNRP. Sometimes we’ll have guest experts sharing their knowledge.  We’ll also post quality photos and videos to help better connect blog readers with our beautiful corner of the world.

A final note: Have ideas about green things we should write about? Let us know. Read an awesome article on our blog? Give us input. Think a post is lame? Tell us what you think. Follow the blog for updates, leave comments or ask questions. We’re here to learn, too.



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