Good Food Champion: Eat healthy, support local

Everyone can help to build a stronger food system by working to become better “food citizens.” Be aware of what you’re consuming, where it is grown or produced, and whether others also have the opportunity to eat healthy, local food. Through wise food purchasing and consumption we can keep our farms productive, our food businesses thriving, and ensure that everyone has access to affordable, healthy food.Farmers market

Here are 10 ways to become a local food champion:

  1. Buy local

Few places do food better than King County with more than 100 products grown in the region. And buying local is a great way to cut down on the environmental impact of your food. Whatever your reason for choosing local – supporting local farmers, sourcing what’s fresh and in season, better nutrition and advocating for food access – learning about farming in your region and appreciating the seasonal foods available is a great place to start.

  1. Visit a farmers market

Find a farmers market near you. King County has over 40 farmers markets which are the primary sources of revenue generation for King County farmers.

  1. Join Community Supported Agriculture

Put your dollars directly into farmers’ pockets. Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) offer “shares” of seasonal harvests, the farm benefits from your financial support while you reap the rewards of good food, grown with care.CSA

  1. Waste less foodwaste less food

Cut down on unnecessary food waste by learning which fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer inside or outside of the fridge. Assess what you have in the refrigerator. Use a shopping list. Buy only what you know you can eat. Relish left overs. Get creative with them!

  1. Compost

Compost food scraps and food soiled paper. If you’re concerned about odor, line the food scrap collection container with a compostable bag liner and baking soda.

  1. Volunteer and donate to food banks

Find out about how healthy food can be more accessible to all. Learn about the realities faced by King County residents who use food banks. Get involved in a community food center or project. Donate food and resources to a local food bank. Volunteer.

  1. Start a garden

Growing your own food is an easy way to get food that doesn’t travel far to make it to your place. From a simple herb garden to prolific raised beds designed to feed a family, there are lots of ways to grow your own food.

  1. Cook and share your food traditions

Cooking is an invaluable life skill. Learn or teach a new recipe, food skill, or food tradition and share a meal with friends and family. Can, preserve, freeze, dry or root cellar your local bounty for enjoyment all year round. Have fun with food.

  1. CHOMP!

Celebrate all that is fresh, delicious, local and sustainable at CHOMP! at King County’s Marymoor Park near Redmond. CHOMP! is a celebration of local food and sustainable living. 2016 information coming soon!

  1. Stay informed and active

Sign up for the “Good Food Champion” newsletter for information about upcoming events and resources about food issues in King County. Participate in community and regional food organizations and events.

Social media is powerful. Telling others about what you’re doing to support local farmers and food access on social media can bring awareness and understanding of this issue to an even wider audience. #WAFood

Download the PDF version of the Good Food Champion guide.


To learn more, visit the local food initiative website at:



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