Tips for smart watering that are good for gardens and utility bills

Last year saw the wettest winter and driest summer of the last 100 years. How can you have a lush and thriving lawn (or garden) this summer? You can do some things now to plan for the changing weather. And take further action this summer to keep your yard in top shape.

Top 10 watering tips:

  1. Time watering for the cooler mornings and evenings; avoiding the hottest part of the day to avoid wasting water to evaporation.
  2. Watering deeply but about once a week helps 25827385194_a891f879e6_k (1)stimulate deeper roots and helps establish new plants.
  3. Measure sprinkler output with a tuna can and run the sprinkler until the water is about an inch deep, then move on to another area.
  4. Avoid watering sidewalks and driveways – and wasting your water bill.
  5. Water slowly to prevent surface runoff and give water time soak the root system of the plant.
  6. Check the soil before you water; it’s time to water when the root zone is dry.
  7. An hour after watering, check the soil again to see if the water has reached the root zone. Adjust your watering time to moisten the whole root zone, but wait until the upper few inches of soil are dry before watering again to create deeper roots.
  8. After watering is a good time to add compost or mulch to limit evaporation and build soil for healthy roots.
  9. Remember to check your fittings, hoses and sprinklers for leaks.
  10. Choose low water use plants for the hot, dry areas of your garden, and if your lawn goes golden this summer, the grass will do best is watered deeply once a month to keep the roots alive.

Watch our easy watering tips at or call the Garden Hotline for practical advice at 206-633-0224

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