How healthy is Bear Creek? It’s time to find out

The Bear Creek watershed supports nearly 10,000 households and is home to several species of salmon and trout. It spans King and Snohomish counties and reaches into Woodinville and Redmond. With so many living things relying on the creek, protecting future water quality and habitat is important.

Why Study Bear Creek

It will help us better understand the many impacts to Bear Creek so we can manage it in a way that reduces impacts and restores the stream so that it provides healthy habitat for Chinook salmon and other species.

Some portions of Bear Creek have good water quality and stream habitat, others do not.

Why Healthy Streams & Good Water Quality matter

Protect people and pets from diseases caused by bacteria in the water.

Provide juvenile salmon and trout with:

  • Places to hide such as side channels-providing protection from predators and winter high flows. This includes overhanging vegetation, tree roots, and fallen trees along the banks.
  • Cold and clean water that our native fish depend on. Warm stream temperatures, particularly where shade is absent, and even low levels of dissolved copper and dissolved zinc are lethal to juvenile fish. Warm water delays upstream migration of returning adult salmon and comprise spawning success.
  • Aquatic and streamside insects, an essential fish food source from the stream bottom and overhanging vegetation..

Join the discussion

King County, Snohomish County, Woodinville, Redmond, and Washington State Department of Transportation are collaborating on a project to reduce stormwater pollution and restore and protect stream habitat. The resulting Bear Creek Watershed Plan will provide recommendations on how best to improve and protect the health of Bear Creek now and into the future.

Save the date for a community meeting on Thursday, Oct. 13 on the Bear Creek Watershed Stormwater Plan. Get an update on the health of the watershed and add your input to help shape the future of pollution prevention and water quality improvements for all who live there.

Set for 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at Woodinville City Hall in the Council Chambers, at 17301 133rd Ave. NE in Woodinville, the project team will present the latest snapshot of the Bear Creek Watershed including how well stormwater facilities are functioning, water quality and temperature trends, and projections for growth in the area.

Shade helps to keep streams cool, the way salmon like the water.


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