Composting questions? We have you covered

Nearly 30% of what we throw away in our garbage is recyclable food scraps and food soiled paper. That 30% ends up in our landfills! Take King County’s pledge to Compost More. Waste Less now and get a free toolkit!

Vegetable and fruit trimmings, meats, fish and poultry scraps and bones, plate scrapings, egg shells, coffee grounds, paper towels and napkins–even greasy pizza delivery boxes–all can be recycled in your curbside yard waste cart.

New to composting? These videos can help you get started.

Did you know the average family could save $1,500 a year by cutting out food waste? Composting is great, but what’s even better is not waste food in the first place.

Smart Strategy: food storage guide - Food: too good to waste - K

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