Waste less this holiday season

The holiday season is a great time to give. Why not go green and give back to our planet. Here are some ideas for greening up your holiday.

Need last minute gifts or just need to keep the kids busy with crafts? King County’s EcoConsumer Program  has you covered. They have an online hub offering tips for reducing waste during the holidays.

Recycle wrapping paper

Most wrapping paper can be recycled in your home recycling container. A little tape is fine, but remove the big pieces. Consider saving reusable wrapping paper, along with ribbons and bows. Glittery paper and ribbons you can’t use again should go in the garbage.

Holiday light recycling

Holiday lights can be recycled. Take a look at our updated list of Seattle and King County locations.

Compost your treechristmastree_recycle

If you do have a tree leftover from the holidays, give it a new life as wood chips or compost! And, you’ll help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Place your tree on the curb for collection with your regular yard waste, contact your hauler for details or to your City’s website for tree-cycling events.

Find out what more you can recycle with EcoConsumer Program’s holiday guide.

Cut down food waste during the holiday

Storing food correctly can help you waste less and save a lot of money. Americans waste about 25 percent of all food and drinks we buy, to the tune of $130 every single month. This great video shows you easy ways to fight food waste by simply storing food properly.

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