Making way for salmon: Fixing culverts

Salmon are a treasured part of our natural heritage, with a rich history that is intertwined with indigenous people dating back many generations and up to current-day residents.  The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife produced a short film highlighting the need for increased funding to replace barrier culverts that prevent salmon from reaching their spawning grounds across Washington state.

If improperly installed or unmaintained, culverts can prevent salmon from reaching many miles of healthy river and stream reaches where they can spawn and produce more salmon.  Fixing these culverts will be a significant contribution to the recovery of many salmon populations in King County and Washington state.

Healthy salmon populations provide important ecological and cultural benefits to the region, and healthy salmon habitat – such as clean water – also supports human communities through  commercial, recreational, and tribal fishing opportunities.

King County residents can contribute in many ways, including:

  • Planting native plants along streams and rivers, on your own property or at planting events organized by public and non-profit organizations, to support healthy habitat.
  • Protecting water quality by using fertilizers and pesticides sparingly or not at all, using commercial car washes, and fixing vehicle leaks.
  • Learning and sharing information about salmon and their habitat needs with neighbors and the community.

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