Commingling makes recycling even easier

Recycling is even easier at Solid Waste Division recycling and transfer stations with commingled recycling. “Commingling” means you can put different recyclable materials in the same bin. That makes recycling easy and efficient.


When visiting the Bow Lake, Cedar Falls, Enumclaw, Houghton, Renton, Skykomish, Shoreline, and Vashon transfer stations and drop boxes, just look for the big blue bins.

There are some restrictions for which types of materials you can recycle, and all items must be clean, empty, and contain no liquids or food scraps. And unless you’re disposing of shredded paper, plastic bags should not go in the commingled bins.

But there’s no need to fret, helpful signs beside the bins let you know which items are accepted.


Recyclable items you can put in the commingle bin include:

  • Paper food boxes (without liners)
  • Paper
  • Hard- and paperback books and telephone books
  • Milk, juice, and broth cartons, and paper cups
  • Plastic bottles, cups, jugs, pots, food containers, clamshells, trays, and pill bottles (no prescription vials)
  • Shredded paper (tied securely in a clear plastic bag to prevent litter)
  • Tin and aluminum cans
  • Large lids – 3-inches or more
  • Glass bottles and jars

Thanks for doing your part to recycle and to keep King County green.

For more information, visit the King County Solid Waste Division’s recycling page.

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