Kid’s Safety Day: Dalmatians, otters and trails

School’s out and that means extra time for fun. To celebrate enjoying summer safely, we joined fire departments, police departments and safety agencies for Kids Safety Day at the Museum of Flight.

More than 800 kids came out for the event at the Museum of Flight. King County Parks shared their trail safety tips with hundreds of kids who lined up to spin the wheel and answer a question (or two) about how we can be safer on the trails.

Marta the River Otter joined King County Parks to share her river safety message. She had a blast meeting firefighters, police officers and safety advocates from around King County who are committed to teaching residents about keeping safe this summer. She got on fire engines and said hello to the cute Dalmatians from the Puget Sound Dalmatian Club. The best part of the day for Marta was seeing Valley Regional Fire Authority’s booth with kids wearing lifejackets while fishing.

Remember when on a bike: Pass left. Go slow. Say “Hello!” Some other advice for kids is to learn to swim in your local pool, wear a lifejacket, and be sure that a grownup is nearby at all times.



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