Featured farm of the month: Carnation Farms

Carnation Farms was established in 1908 near its namesake town in the Snoqualmie River valley as a flagship dairy and genetic research center for decades. The farm was purchased by Nestle and converted into a corporate retreat center. Descendants of the original owners purchased the farm back from Nestle in 2010 and created Carnation Farms as a nonprofit organization in 2016.

The new owners’ mission aims to go back to the farm’s roots and transform the way that people want to eat. They intend to share the 818-acre organic farm with the community and celebrate delicious and nutritious food produced in a sustainable manner by providing inspirational and educational experiences that positively affect health, the environment, and local economies. Carnation Farms develops the next generation of food citizens and grows new farmers. Find out more about Carnation Farm’s story and mission here.

The organization is working to create many different programs including summer camps, workshops, family retreats, farm-to-table dinners, and more. The farm is also working to find innovative and creative ways to keep the farm working. A few programs that focus on growing new farmers and agricultural education for teens and children are highlighted below.

Rooted at Carnation Farms is a seven-week summer employment and education program for teens. This program empowers young adults to be agents of change in our food system.

carnation rooted
Carnation Farms Rooted crew

The Growing Farmers program provides new farmers educational and hands-on experience needed to be successful farm leaders in the Snoqualmie Valley and beyond.

carnation farmers
New farmers training in the field

Carnation Farms’ camps empower kids to make better food choices for life-long good health through hands-on farm and cooking experiences. Camps include farm camps, where children can become a farmer for a week, farm to table food camps, where children can become farm to table chefs for a week, and baking camp, where kids learn to create meals from professional chefs.

People of all ages can also enjoy field trips on Carnation’s certified organic farm. Field trips engage people in understanding farm practices that cultivate healthy soil, air, and water, while producing healthful, delicious food.

Do you know of another King County farm devoted to supporting new farmers and local food? Let us know!

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