Leading with LED to save energy and money

King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP) met the goal of changing the light systems in all of DNRP’s buildings and facilities to energy-saving LEDs this year – a few months earlier than expected. This is a remarkable achievement and is part of our long-term goal of zero-net energy at our facilities and addressing our changing climate.

We set the goal to go LED in 2016. It took under two years to change out at least 11,000 lamps at all DNRP facilities. We consume a lot of energy to accomplish our mission to reduce, safely dispose of and create resources from wastewater and solid waste; to provide regional parks and trails; and to protect the region’s water, air, land, natural habitats and historic properties.

“This is an important achievement because it demonstrates DNRP’s and the county’s commitments to both addressing climate change and best run government,” said David Broustis, DNRP energy manager.

Because LED lights use 35 to 60 percent less energy than older technologies, LEDs reduced greenhouse gas emissions for DNRP by over 2,600 metric tons per year. That’s enough energy savings to meet the electricity needs of 450 households.1703_8302w_dnrp_tshirt_final_design

The goal also embraces our priority of being a best run government, saving $325,000 a year in utility costs. In addition to switching to LED, DNRP installed lighting control systems to minimize unnecessary lighting, especially in offices where occupancy sensors turn off the lights when the space isn’t in use.

Overall, our energy savings amounts to two-thirds the amount of energy that was previously used at facilities – a strong indicator of DNRP’s commitment to climate action and taking responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions. As a result of this DNRP lighting replacement effort, the remainder of county government has committed to installing LED lighting throughout other county facilities by the end of 2020.



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