Apply for a 1 Million Trees Planting Grant

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Trees make our lives better, offering shade, cleaning the air and water, preventing flooding and can make an area feel nicer just by their presence. There’s even research showing that trees may actually help to reduce crime and improve the quality of life for people who spend time around them.

Thankfully, there is a lot of energy around the region to increase tree canopy, and many agencies have launched initiatives, plans, and increased actions to get more trees in the ground. So much hard work has already taken place, but more trees are needed to achieve King County’s 1 Million Trees by 2020 goal, and that’s why we are happy to announce two upcoming opportunities to assist those who are hard at work, adding more trees to our region!

King County’s 1 Million Trees Planting Grants

    • This grant is aimed at supporting the County’s 1 Million Tree Initiative by providing funding to purchase and plant large numbers of trees by the end of 2020. Non-profits, local governments, tribes and special purpose districts are all eligible for grant funds. Projects must be located in King County and project that get as many trees in the ground as possible will be prioritized.

 The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) Enhancement in Urban Tree Canopy Grants

  • This grant, part of the Planting Trees for Thriving Communities project, is aimed to support the development, design, and implementation of tree canopy enhancement projects in urban areas of Puget Sound.  Grants will be awarded to projects that enhance the urban forest canopy through tree planting, contributing to positive stormwater management, human well-being and other benefits.  Check out previously funded projects.  A full Request for Proposals will be available at at the end of January.

We appreciate all the hard work that our partners are doing to plant more trees in the region and are excited there are more resources available to help agencies continue their great work. King County and TNC hope that between these two grants, partners are able to access the finances needed to enhance our region with more trees and tree programs.

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