New Seattle-area music, SoundGuardian and salmon: King County DNRP wraps up 2022 with a playlist  

As we wrap up 2022, we’re sharing some of the music we enjoyed this year. Sorry, Swifties, our 2022 playlist runs true to our grunge roots.  We couldn’t get enough of new local music from western Washington -based bands such as Enumclaw, named after one of our favorite King County areas with its lush farmland and views of Mt. Rainier. The movie “Singles” turned 30 this year. Fleet Foxes played an amazing show at King County Parks’ Marymoor Park. We added a few throwbacks for Sir-Mix-a-Lot Day, International Clash Day, and King County’s research vessel SoundGuardian’s namesake. It wouldn’t be a King County DNRP playlist without an educational song about salmon.  

 What new music would you add to our playlist?  

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