Centering frontline communities in climate resilience grant 

Globally, climate change is understood as one of the biggest challenges of our time. Locally, King County is a recognized leader on climate, establishing ambitious goals and targets in the 2020 Strategic Climate Action Plan (SCAP) for addressing this crisis.  

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Informally, we call this section the people side of climate. The SRFC was a labor of community expertise, love and hope, co-led by the Climate Equity Community Task Force, which continues to support SRFC implementation and shape King County’s thinking around how to prioritize frontline communities. 
One of the commitments of the SRFC is to ensure we help grow leadership capacity in frontline communities by providing resources to help organizations continue or start their own climate justice programs, trainings, or projects so that we can follow their lead in engaging communities on climate action. 
Learning from the City of Seattle’s Environmental Justice Fund program, the Community Climate Resilience Grant pilot program (CCR) aims to provide a low-barrier process to engage and support diverse community-based organizations and individuals serving frontline communities who are interested in addressing climate risks and solutions. 
The goal is to amplify tailored and effective engagement on issues highlighted in the SRFC and on emergent climate equity issues across language groups and cultural contexts in King County. 
We anticipate projects may support trainings, workshops, events, programs, art projects and more related to ensuring our most climate sensitive communities are inspired, acknowledged, and can step into leading the way on climate action and sustainability. 
To learn more about the CCR grant program attend an Informational Webinar, Oct. 17 at 5 p.m. Registration links for the webinars and more information about the application process can be found on the CCR Grant website.  

For any questions contact Samara Almonte, Climate Equity & Community Partnerships Program Coordinator at

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