The Department of Natural Resources and Parks blog provides tips on wasting less, enjoying the outdoors, supporting local food and other everyday doable actions to positively impact climate change. The blog also showcases fun news, facts and stories about King County’s natural resources and environmental stewardship. It’s written by members of Public Affairs at King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, with contributions from many of the programs throughout the department’s four divisions.

Terms of Use: We encourage you to re-publish articles and media published on this blog. In fact, that’s one reason we built the blog. For photos and video, please include a credit to their original source, when provided. We would also really appreciate it if possible, include the link: Shared from kingcountygreen.com

For more about King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, please visit our official website, http://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/dnrp.aspx

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