Farm King County Data Center now live!

Farm King County recently launched its Food Systems Data Center, which combines an interactive mapping platform with information and data on local agriculture to tell the story of King County’s farm and food system. Farm King County is a one stop resource for information and assistance for farm operations, and this data will be useful to better understand, analyze, and measure the healthy and viability of our food system. The major components of the data center include the King County Farm and Food System Map and food system indicator progress metrics.

The King County Farm and Food System Map allows you to view spatial information in an interactive map. It is your window to a wealth of information on topics including farmland, soils, food production, and natural resources.

FarmKC map
King County Farm and Food System Map

The Data Center also contains indicators that will better enable us to track progress toward our goals under the Local Food Initiative, assess the health and viability of our local food system, and better inform the development of policy and funding decisions. At this time, indicators have been developed that inform our progress and efforts to preserve farmland, increase food production acreage, and meet farmer needs for flooding management and access to water. Data and background information in each of these areas can be found under the Farmland section of the new Data Center.

Future additions to the website will add indicators that help us measure and better understand environmental stewardship, markets for farm products, and farm and farmer demographics. Look for these in early 2019!

farm kc indicators
Farm King County indicators


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